Vitamin A is Essential for Optimum Nutritional Health of Sex


A good sex life is not limited to physical and psychological health, but also the immune system, and respiratory. For that reason, good nutrition, especially nutrition derived from food.

One of the important role of adequate nutrition is a vitamin. Supply of vitamins from food and beverages we consume helps maintain a healthy body. One of these is vitamin A which is an essential nutrient for healthy sex.

Vitamin A serves as the formation and maintenance of healthy skin, hair, and mucous membranes. Assisting the growth of new cells and support the health of the composition of human organs. The fat-soluble vitamins is helps us to see in darkness and is required for proper bone growth, tooth development, and reproduction. In addition, this vitamin can produce a perfect and healthy sperm and increase the production of sperm cells. Moreover, these vitamins are very good for maintaining healthy adrenal glands.

Vitamin A has an important roles for normal reproduction, when the body lacks vitamin A can cause atrophy of the testes and ovaries. Vitamin A deficiency can also lead to decreased production of sex hormones and the skin becomes rough until scaly.

Vitamin A are found in various fish oils, especially fish liver oils whales that have levels of vitamin A which is very high. In addition, can also be obtained from the eggs milk, cheese and yogurt.

A healthy body not only helps your sex life better, but also could help quality of life better.

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